Financial Leakage - Know Thy Enemy

Unchecked financial leakage is your largest unaddressed cost. All organizations: large, medium, or small, suffer from them. These unbudgeted expenses impact your productivity, strategic, financial, and operational outcomes.

How does it happen?

Each time you have an accident (whether covered by insurance or not), your organization suffers an increase in costs through a variety of frictional expenses. These frictional costs are larger than the cost of the claim itself in many cases.

Here are the steps to recapture your financial leakage:

  1. Identify it! You must have an assessment of your complete cost structure. That’s where we can help. As Analytic Brokers, we have the tools, insight, and analytics to quantify these hidden costs falling off your financial statement.
  2. Create a plan to recapture these expenses by targeting the claims that cause operational disruption. We deploy our specialty resources, for example, to reduce such incidents that drain your margins.
  3. Measure the impact of the results over time. Lord Kelvin once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it.” You need eyes on the impact of your risk control program to guarantee you are maximizing the ROI of your program.

Most insurance providers are unable to perform these critical steps. They use obsolete models and measurement practices.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to provide these critical services. We work from YOUR financial statement to customize a plan to help you achieve YOUR business goals.

If they cannot answer this important question, you are being underserved.

Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Leakage Report. You might be surprised to see how much wasted capital you’re currently leaving on the table.

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