Where’s The Beef?

Your broker should be providing much more than the placement of your insurance program. In fact, the pricing of your insurance program is the smallest part of the ‘true cost’ of your risk control initiatives (especially when claims occur).

Here’s what you should be getting from your broker instead:

  • An analysis of your existing Financial Leakage (what internal expenses can be controlled and recaptured to increase your performance?)
  • An evolving plan to deliver specialty resources and projects to help reduce the corrosive effects of Financial Leakage on your bottom line.
  • A determination of the effectiveness of a broker’s performance in impacting the metrics you care most about (growth, sales, margins, to name a few).

As you consider whether or not a broker is the right one for you, please understand that they can all look the same. BUT, WHERE’S THE BEEF?

Your job is to ask the simple yet critical question: "How will you help reduce my costs and improve my operations over the course of our business relationship?"

If they cannot answer this important question, you are being underserved.

For a deeper assessment of your existing risk control program, contact our team today. We’ll provide a no-obligation review of your programs and offer deeper insights on what moves you can make to recapture hemorrhaging capital.

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