Is Your Insurance Broker Focused on YOUR Bottom Line?

Almost every business decision you make each day is focused on improving your bottom line and operating results. So it’s important to know if your insurance broker is focused on YOUR bottom line, or if they’re more focused on THEIRS?

Your broker should be engaging with you regularly to discuss:

  1. Ways to reduce your Financial Leakage (claims expenses not covered by the insurance carrier) through risk-control services and specialized projects.
  2. How they have impacted your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) over time (using quantifiable data), and
  3. How their TCOR impact is translated to your key metrics (margins, EBITDA, shareholder value, etc.) that impact your short and long term business goals.

Your insurance program is a significant business investment for you. If you feel you are being under-served by your broker, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

You deserve more than a yearly renewal project, industry jargon, and standard loss ratios and subjective numbers.

You deserve decision support, real data, meaningful reports, and improved business results that are tied to the metrics and indicators you use daily to measure your performance.

If you want to know your TOTAL cost structure (including your Financial Leakage) and how to improve it, contact us today. We will focus on helping you improve YOUR bottom line, and we have the data and reports to consistently deliver that to you.

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