Reduce Your Huge Profit Drain

In these uncertain and evolving times, your largest source of unchecked profit drain lies in your controllable Financial Leakage. These expenses are absorbed by your business when an insurance claim of any type occurs.

Here are a few ways they manifest:

  • Lost Productivity
  • Hiring Expenses
  • Reputation Damage
  • Business Disruption

Your profit drain actually sits right inside your business, and it costs you tens, hundreds, or (with larger organizations) millions of dollars if left unaddressed. Insurance carriers don’t cover it, either, so you’ll need a qualified partner to address it.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Measure your Financial Leakage. We have the data and business intelligence to help you pinpoint areas for cost reductions.
  2. Develop a plan of action. We are uniquely qualified to provide your organization with a targeted plan of attack to reduce these claims expenses.
  3. Measure the results. We’ll keep score of our progress and tie our results directly to the key performance indicators you care about (profit, budget, EBITDA).

How much is YOUR unchecked profit drain and Financial Leakage?

You deserve to know so you can make informed decisions about your business and operations. Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Leakage Report that will show you exactly how much money is draining from your organization.

As a Certified Analytic Broker™, we'll answer these questions and offer REAL SOLUTIONS to help control your costs during these challenging times.

Contact us today for a complimentary Financial Leakage Report. You might be surprised to see how much wasted capital you’re currently leaving on the table.

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