Expect The Gold Standard for Your Business

You manage your business with tools and applications that have been overhauled recently to meet the demands of our data-driven economy. Yet, if you’re like most insurance buyers, your broker has not changed their approach for decades. They focus solely on the “old metrics” of the insurance placement: premium, carrier, and loss ratios.

If this is the case with your current broker, you’re being under-served. You should expect your broker to meet today’s Gold Standard by:

  • Demonstrating exactly how much financial leakage is currently eroding from your financial statement due to unfunded or unbudgeted expenses.
  • Measuring their firm’s impact on your Key Performance Indicators (profit, surplus, EBITDA) and offering a plan to improve them.
  • Projecting future results that provide you with better “decision support”, allowing you to create a competitive and strategic advantage over your competition.

Expect The Gold Standard for Your Business

Without meeting the above expectations, you’re not only being under-served, you’re likely missing opportunities to improve your business.

As an Analytic Brokerage, we are uniquely qualified to measure and provide you with this key business intelligence so you can make better-informed decisions, budget accurately, and achieve short and long-term business goals with confidence.

Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a no-risk assessment of your current cost structure AND a plan to improve your financial performance going forward.

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