Recapturing Your Biggest Risk Costs

To improve your financial results, you’ve implemented strategies to recapture wasted capital. But, you may have missed one of the most important factors leading to controllable financial leakage inside your business model: Enterprise Claim Costs.

For example: in an automobile accident the Enterprise Claim Cost is all of the other uninsured expenses triggered by the loss. Employee replacement, accelerated depreciation, disruption to your normal business functions, and brand loss - to name a few. These out of pocket expenses are absorbed by YOUR business (not the insurance carrier).

Knowing Your Enterprise Claim Cost is critical. If you cannot measure these impacts, you cannot implement programs to reduce and recapture them.

As an Analytic Broker™ we are uniquely qualified to assess the financial leakage inside your Enterprise Claim Costs. Then, we’ll help you recapture it. Please don’t delay, these hidden expenses are detrimental to the health and long-term success of your business.

Contact us today to get your Enterprise Claim Cost assessment and complimentary Financial Leakage Report™. Quantifying the hidden expenses in your risk management program is the first step toward improving your financial results.

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