Are You Chasing the Wrong Risk Financing Rabbit?

For years, insurance brokers have been telling you the best way to reduce your costs is through policy changes, coverage comparisons, deductible options or even program risk retention changes.

None of these options gets to the heart of the matter. They’re all VARIABLES in the cost of the commodity. When you go this route, you’re chasing the wrong rabbit.

It’s time to take your power back by focusing on the cost structure that you can control. Specifically, it’s time to focus on the loss costs and the expenses of managing your program. These costs are usually 30% to 60% of additional cost ABOVE your insurance premiums.

Why don’t insurance providers tell you this?

Are You Chasing the Wrong Risk Financing Rabbit?

Unfortunately, many brokers don’t have the capability to help you focus on these costs, let alone calculate them. So, these costs continue to erode your profits.

Here’s the good news: emergent analytics software is now providing cutting-edge brokers with the capability to provide buyers with in-depth information on their cost structures.

As an Analytic Broker™, we’re uniquely qualified to measure the impact of these exorbitant costs and build a strategy to help you reduce them.

Identifying and tackling these costs will be critical to your business results in the coming year. The amount of EBITDA, productivity, and margins you’re wasting must be determined and reclaimed.

Otherwise, your organization isn’t performing at peak efficiency.

So, if you would like to stop chasing the wrong rabbit and finally understand your TOTAL cost structure and how to improve it, contact us today for an in depth Financial Leakage Report™.

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*Source: TCORCalc® - North America's leading authority on risk management program analytics and insurance industry benchmarks.

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