Calculate and Unlock Your CAPEX Funding Now

Whether you call it CAPEX (Capital Expenditures), your budget for equipment purchases, or funding for your business improvements, it’s basically the same thing. You scour your financial statements every year to find money to invest in your buildings, equipment, renovations, IT upgrades, etc.

Normally, you budget for these items. But, in some cases, the financial requirements for funding sneaks up on you through unplanned obsolescence or shifting business conditions. When that happens, you might ask the question: "What extra sources do we have for capital?"

Calculate and Unlock Your CAPEX Funding

The answer lies in front of your eyes, and it has always been there. Yet, for most of your business career, the source and the amount was unknown to you. It really wasn’t your fault. You simply didn’t have the information that real-time analytics can now provide you. The playing field has changed.

Financial Leakage currently exists in your operation, and it’s escaping your financial results on a regular basis. That is a GUARANTEE.

Your Financial Leakage is the result of the extra costs you incur each time you have an insurance loss. Whether it’s people, productivity, brand value, customer dissatisfaction or other items, these costs are significant and consistent. They exist inside of your organization as well as virtually all other businesses. And until now, they have never been known or acted upon.

With our firm’s ability as a Certified Analytic Broker™, we can provide you with a tremendously important business optic. Our analytics-based Financial Leakage Report™ will help you:

  • Pinpoint exactly how much money is flowing from your financial results
  • Show you how to recapture it
  • Demonstrate the impact your leakage is having on your CAPEX, EBITDA and margins

Your business has changed dramatically in the past several years. So has ours. As a Certified Analytic Broker™ we are evolving from simply a provider of insurance products to that of a business solutions organization. We have a solution to help you discover and unlock your CAPEX funds and move you closer to achieving your key financial outcomes.

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