The Three Ways to Reduce Your Costs

There are only three ways that a successful organization reduces its risk financing and risk management program costs. Our firm is extremely focused on each.

To represent you correctly and efficiently, each of these items must be reviewed with specific data and results. Here they are in descending order:

First: Reduce your existing frictional costs and financial leakage inside your business model.

These costs have always been there, but until recently, you had no way of measuring them. These are the first item of business for you, as they are burning your margins and EBITDA every day.

Every time you experience an insurance claim of any type, (property, liability, workers comp, benefits, etc.,) there is a cost that remains on your financial results. No matter who pays for the claim.

We help you focus on this issue first. It is critical that these costs are translated into your KPI’s and metrics. We will help you squeeze these controllable expenses out of your business.

Second: Investigate Alternative Risk Financing Programs

Once we understand your cost structure, EBITDA, and cash flow requirements, we will help determine if there is a more appropriate funding mechanism for you. These are financial vehicles for funding your losses and include captive arrangements, high deductibles and self-insured programs.

These programs are very effective, but they’re not for everyone. Without the risk control and claims management services that we provide, you may be simply trading dollars and exchanging premium expenses for claims paid by you.

Third: Insurance Product Placement

Let’s face it… There are not a lot of insurance carriers out there. The number has actually decreased from dozens to a handful in the past 15 years. What’s more, most agents and brokers represent all the carriers now.

So, rather than using the insurance marketplace as a point of differentiation, we focus on our “skill” in approaching it.

Not all brokers have the same skillset in this area. Because we first focus on your controllable costs, we are able to present your case to the marketplace more effectively. Underwriters care about the same thing you do: selecting risks that have the best controllable expense profile.

As a Certified Analytic Brokerage™, our firm is one of the few in North America that can actually focus on all three areas of cost reduction. By using TCORCalc®, we can provide you data, cost containment and quantifiable results. Please let us know if you are ready to look at your cost structure in an entirely new way.

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