Improve Your Financial Stewardship

As a non-profit (or not-for-profit) organization, you know the importance of responsible financial stewardship. Your budgetary surplus (if any) is dependent upon your making choices that lead to fiscal stability. Your constituency needs your services and your stakeholders (constituents, donors and regulators) require you be on top of your “Financial Leakage” at all times.

In many cases you have solely depended upon your risk financing, risk management and insurance program to protect your assets. You have historically seen these premiums as the cost of your program.

But that has changed in the past 24 months. 

We now know that your current program contains a significant amount of “Controllable Financial Leakage.” In fact, it is probable that it is approaching an additional 40% of your premium cost structure (or more.) As an example, if you are paying $300,000 for risk financing and insurance, you may suffer as much as an additional $120,000 in controllable Financial Leakage.

Financial Leakage

Financial Leakage is outside your premium costs. These are the controllable costs that are eroding your funding. They are in the form of loss costs, indirect loss costs and your administration costs. They are usually severe and intensely felt inside your organization.

How do we know this? Because as an Analytic Brokerage™ we are among the select few insurance brokerage firms in North America that can help you identify and measure it. In fact, without obtaining a Certified Financial Leakage report, you are probably wasting a tremendous amount of the funding you should be using to invest in your important offerings to constituents.

Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself and your broker right now:

  • How much Financial Leakage do we presently have inside our organization?
  • How has it impacted our surplus balance?
  • How has it undermined our ability to fund specific programs and initiatives?
  • How can we effectively measure and recapture it?
  • Would our stakeholders expect us to know this impact and do something about it?

So, if you are really interested in maximizing the use of the funding you receive, or if your organization is planning an expansion with funding campaigns, you should contact us for more information regarding the Analytic Brokerage™ Financial Leakage Report.

We can provide you with this critical information, along with solutions that will improve your ability to recapture these controllable costs. Thereby maximizing your fiscal stewardship of your organization.

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